Sorry I forgot my memory?

Saturday – 1 day to go.

I hopped in the car with my sheets of music (that I couldn’t read) and drove down the freeway to meet Groove and co at the Old Mill Theatre.
I walked through the back door where the crew greeted me and started showing me how one would get on the floor and pretend to act like a cat.
“You may want to do this Hayley,” said Groove as rolled onto his back and pretended to be enjoying a belly rub. He hopped up off the ground, grabbed my recordings and started to make me sing the
“At the end of the day Hayley you are best to sing what you enjoy” He said after I rolled out the  end notes to Skyfall by Adelle.
Ok then its Good old-fashioned Lover By Freddie Mercury and Memory by Elaine Page.
Sunday- 3 hours till Audition.
Waking up after a bottle of Moscato, I was trying to gather every fibre of courage that I could find in my soul. Truth be told that whilst I was feeling brave last weekend ready to audition, I certainly wasn’t feeling the love now. What was I thinking? It was 12pm and the Cats audition was only a matter of hours away. I had it down pat though. My little Oscar slept quietly at my feet as I had the words to Memory in front of me on the table singing the same verses over and over again. He was obviously just as over it as my Aunty Jo was. Over and over I sung the lines until it was 2pm. And the phone rang! It was an ex boyfriend who “accidentally rang me” to see how I was and give me an update on his life. Like I really gave a sh*t. I ended the conversation bluntly and focus back on the music. Trust my luck for that to happen at a critical moment in my not yet discovered theatre career! That’s ok, on the drive in there I sung it over and over again, bellowing the tunes from the car, lucky I didn’t get pulled over for noise pollution.. I had the “memory” I just needed the will power
Sunday- 10 minutes till Audition.
The first cock up of the whole thing was that I couldn’t find change for the ticket meter. I didn’t know I would have to pay to park at a school of all places. But after  clearing every bit of coin from the bottom of my bag, I walked in. It was then that I realized what I had done. I was surrounded by people who had been in theatre all their lives. Regardless of their size, height or culture in someway they were here for pure talent or because mother and father had forced the skills into them with thousands of dollars of ballet classes and private tuition. And here I was.. Just a belly dancer who could sing a bit.
After being shown a whole routine and being expected to remember it within 15 minutes, I suddenly realized that I shouldn’t even bother trying to remember the routine.. It simply wasn’t going to happen.
“Don’t worry if you can’t remember the routine, we have positions for singers and dancers alone” The instructor said.
At least I had my vocal cords.
A tall young man stood next to me as I stuck my fingers into my ears trying to drown out a girl who was trying to intimidate us all with her vocal cords. “Trala la la la la la laaaa!.”
I rolled my eyes and smiled at him.
She blasted again.. “Tra lala la lala LA LA LAH!! And she went again. “TRA LAH LAH LA LAH LALALA LAAAH” Yikes.
‘Come sing with me in the corner’ I said. He followed me in, I knew instantly when I saw him dancing that he was a dancer, he was so talented and I was proud just to be there with someone like him.
“You start, IM TO SHY!” he said.
” Look in the mirror and sing with me, not to me and you’ll be fine” I started conducting and he joined in.
“OMG you can sing!! He said.
“Just concentrate on you!”
“And the wind… Begins to moan…” Argh I can’t reach the note!” he yelped..
“Just sing sing and breathe it out” I sung. Next thing I knew, another 2 girls came to join in to be conducted. Even if I didn’t make it in, at least I was here to give them the warm up they deserved without being intimidated by the girl over the back.
Then it was my turn.
I walked into the audition room and introduced myself.
“And what do you have to sing for us today?” The gent on the right said.
“Good old-fashioned Lover boy by Queen and Memory as my cats song”
“ooh Interesting selection.. And do you have a part in mind”
“Not really, any will do” I said as I got ushered into the middle.
The piano player started playing..
“I can dim the lights and sing you songs” flowed out of my mouth and started to rise up through to the ceiling and swirled around the room a bit like the smell of nanny’s Sunday apple pie. It was amazing as my soul started to lift into the room. I was so relieved just to get the song out properly with piano sheet music being played that I hadn’t even heard yet.
I looked up at them as the man leant over and I over heard him say, “this is a strong voice”
And then clunk! The piano player jolted the notes into a rhythm that I didn’t recognise.
I stopped.
“That’s ok we’ve heard enough, Next song thanks”
“Memory, not a sound on the pavement, has the moon lost her memory, she is smiling alone”
And then it happened. Horror of Horrors, I panicked and my mind went blank. Could it be possible that I forgot the words to Memory? The whole reason I was here!!??
The producer tried to prompt me but it wasn’t happening.The pianist gave me her sheet music but the problem was I couldn’t read it!! I panicked even more and stared at them.
“I’m sorry I know all the words but I just cant do it today’..
Gahh I was doomed!!


  1. I cant believe you have left it there… did you get any parts or what?

  2. hi hayley, good on you for giving it a go! i’ll ask aunty jo what happened! Enjoy your blog! cheers, Mary

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